Hi! I'm Sabrina.
I am a passionate food professional with many years' experience working internationally in the food industry. 
I'm a Food Engineer (UADE - Argentina), Master in Agro-Food Business (UCA - Argentina), MSc in Food, Nutrition and Health (UCD - Ireland) and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach (IHS - Ireland). 
Beyond that academic background, which might be of importance for some to prove myself as practitioner, I'm a very sensitive human being.
I'm sensitive to malnutrition, to availability of (high) quality foodstuff, to eating disorders, and to food related injustices.


Since a few years ago, I've been having this feeling that what I was doing to make a living wasn't really fulfilling. I've always been interested in helping people on a healthy way of living, not only with food choices but also with physical activity. My life turnaround started when I took the plunge and went for volunteering experiences in low-income countries. I loved it. Believe me, it was a true life changer. Seeing how some communities were struggling to live against any odd, to strive without losing hope... Seeing them smiling, grateful, and happy was very heart-warming. 

Thanks to that personal journey I've understood that my passion in life is nutrition, and making people smile is extremely rewarding and gives me a lot of happiness and joy.

I have explored (and still do) what people need or lack in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, among different age-groups, backgrounds, regions, and socio-economic status. Then, in my reflection on how could I be of use, how could I serve in a manner that impacts one's life positively, I've found coaching.

I believe the issue lies in the choices we make. There is always a road to a beneficial transformation, to a better version of ourselves, yet the driver is our own will.

With every molecule of my body, I want to help you improving your decision making towards food and lifestyle choices, in a long-term and sustainable way.

I want you to feel and live healthy, so you can enjoy fully the beauty of life.