Suitable clients

I work with people who want to have a HEALTHY and PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLE. I help them have BALANCE and IMPROVE WELLBEING so they can LIVE FULLY and HAPPY.

If you feel you don’t have all the knowhow or tools to start your healthier transformation, then an NLC is what you need.

Some areas where I can help you:

  • Healthier eating and living for you and you family

  • Self-image (body acceptance)

  • Changing to  plant-based diet

  • "No time" to eat/be healthy

  • Managing tress

  • Increase energy levels

  • Nutrition at any life stage: adolescence, pregnancy, elderly


My boundaries as NLC

I cannot carry out symptom analysis, diagnose or treat any named conditions. However, I can help you if you present some chronic conditions by improving the functioning of your body as a whole through diet, lifestyle and supplement interventions, which may improve overall wellness and longevity.