"Learning how improve variety, better combine foodstuff, and how to lower our impact... this is not just a diet. It's a new lifestyle that helped me feel healthier and happier than ever before.

I've learned a lot with Sabrina, specially in my journey as vegetarian."

Fernanda (Neuquen, Argentina)


"I met Sabrina two years ago in a trail running competition in Picos de Europa (Spain) where we were both running  a 90km race. Something that brought me closer to her is her way of seeing life and nature, later I discovered how much she loves to eat well and help those who need it most.
She has given me advice, recommendations and tips about the latest in sports nutrition. It has helped me to be able to carry out my high-volume workouts that I perform periodically previous to my competitions in Ultra Trail running as races of 100 kilometers or more.
 I highly recommend Sabrina for her professionalism and her human warmth."

Santos Gabriel R. (Bariloche, Argentina)


"Working with Sabrina has been a wonderful journey. Not only does she provide a personalized plan to achieve one's goals, but also she is constantly checking on your progress to make sure you get there in the easiest way possible."

Katherine G.A. (Antwerp, Belgium)