What is The RESET?

The Reset starts with you, with the willingness of feeling better, feeling healthier, and stronger.

The Reset is self-care and love, not just towards yourself but also your family and friends. You teach and inspire with your example.

The Reset will demand commitment, dedication, openness to change, and acceptance of our imperfections. This is a lifeway journey, not a race. You are not competing with anything nor anyone, nobody is rushing you either. We will take small steps continuously, steadily, and firmly so the “old you” loos up to this transformation.

The Reset is a new, healthier You.


How do I work

The first approach takes normally 20-30mins and the objective is meeting each other personally or by phone and connect. Here I will understand what your goals are, and I will explain how the whole process of coaching works.

​I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill in including a 3-day food diary. This is very important prior the first consultation since I will use it to understand your life, your food choices and I will start analyzing your food habits. Once I receive the questionnaire, I will need 48-72hrs to prepare our first consultation.

1st session: the main objective is to know you. During this 1st session I will be asking you questions from the questionnaire you have completed for me. We will briefly discuss your current lifestyle.

2nd session: during this session I will bring you my findings from your current dietary and lifestyle habits. We will go through main areas of focus to achieve your goals, and then set action points. Here we will also define your readiness to change and envision how frequently we could do follow-up sessions until you are comfortable on continuing your life journey alone.

After the 2nd session is when the Reset starts. I will coach you further in Follow-Up sessions so you can achieve your goals. The frequency will be agreed between us, and remember: this is a life change. You need to feel comfortable and sure all along the journey.



Contact me if you feel you need more information, or book a first session (free of charge) to get to know each other and discuss your motivations.
Check the different plans: you can take just a nutritional coaching plan, a lifestyle plan or a complete approach.